We help music creators find money to fund their careers.

We are a team of grant writers that have secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding for Canadian artists. Our clients have gone on to use this funding to pay for activities like sound recording, music video production, marketing, live performances, travel and much more.


The government of Canada and its agencies give away hundreds of millions of dollars in arts funding every year to creators just like you.



Reach out below and we'll identify the best grants for you & your project.

We'll present our recommendations & make a game plan together.

Once confirmed, we’ll get started on your grant application.



Every client we work with receives top level service, including..

We work with you from the inception of your grant project all the way through application, creation and completion. 


Using information you provide, we will draft a fundable grant proposal and create impressive support materials that will blow funders away. Our goal is to always take “no” off the table so you have the best chance of being funded.

We craft our proposals using templates built from successful applications that have won hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant funding so far.

We tailor each application to your unique story as an artist and proposed project within our proven system. You can be assured that we present you as a professional so that you have the best chance of being funded.

Projects change over time and we’re here to help. Whether you have questions about what you can or should spend money on, to making adjustments to an already-approved project to avoid problems with funders, we’ve got you covered.

Granting is not just about applying to and winning funding – its about keeping it. In order to keep it, you must file a final report in a timely fashion that proves how the funding was spent. We work with you to do this properly so that way you get to keep 100% of the money you were awarded and maintain good standing with the funding organization.



Won grants from FACTOR, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts and Radio Starmaker Fund


Won grants from Toronto Arts Council & Canada Council for the Arts


Won grants from Ontario Arts Council & Canada Council for the Arts

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Once we've qualified that you are eligible for funding, absolutely! We just need some simple information from you to proceed, which you can provide by completing this form.

Yes, absolutely! If you're a label, please reach out so we can discuss how we can help you and your roster of artists.

Every grant is different but generally, most will fund activities such as:

  • sound recording
  • music video production
  • marketing & promotion
  • radio marketing
  • website development
  • touring & performing
  • limited physical manufacturing (CD's, vinyl)


All Canadian grants must be spent exclusively in Canada and not on any foreign expenses. Depending on where the grant comes from, you will be required to exclusively spend it in that community. For example, Ontario Arts Council grants must be spent in Ontario only. 


Keep in mind that some grants may not fund all of these activities. We can let you know more specifics once we've qualified you for funding.

Most organizations, such as FACTOR and Canada Council for the Arts, will fund creators anywhere in Canada. Depending on the province you're from, you may have access to grants that people in Ontario don't.


As long as you're based in Canada and are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, we can help you with grants. Whether you live in British Columbia, Nova Scotia or somewhere in between, click here to begin the process with us.

This depends on how many grants we are applying to and what is required of each.


Often this is a combination of an upfront fee plus a back-end percentage of the grant winnings to continue working with you throughout the project and to complete the final report. Failure to do the latter may result in an organization taking back the funding (in other words, the grant becomes a loan and you pay it back with interest!) We work with you to avoid this and help you keep 100% of the funding.


We can outline the specific fees once we know exactly what you are qualified to apply to. Please reach out so we can assist with this.

No, not usually. Most people make this mistake - but grants do not fund capital expenditures. In other words, they don't allow you to buy things that you will keep and use beyond the scope of the project, including equipment or property.


Grants are intended to stimulate and subsidize the community the funding comes from. This means using the money to pay individuals such as producers, engineers, artists, studios and more to create a body of work.


Business grants, bursaries and loans may be more suitable to buying equipment, however, we only focus on music grants at this time.