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I’ve been mixing and mastering for DIY artists for over a decade – taking their rough mixes and making them sound clean, polished and better than they ever imagined.

Your fans deserve to hear you at your best, even if you’re recording in less-than-ideal circumstances. That’s where I come in.

Artists who’ve worked with me have not only improved the sound quality of their music, but have gone on to build bigger fan-bases and have more success with radio, film and TV sync licensing.


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WHy work with ME?

Sound professional

Stand out and get heard with music that sounds professional mixed by a professional. I've spent a decade working and developing my skills and techniques so that you sound amazing.

Attract more fans

Studies show that artists have only 8 seconds to impress listeners before they skip to the next song. My mixes help captivate your audience so they keep listening.

Compete with industry artists

When listeners transition from an industry artists' song to yours and there is a disconnect in volume, presence and vibe - they won't stick it out. I help you avoid this by mixing to industry standard levels using the same techniques as the pros (some of whom I've learned from directly!)

Feel more confident

Be confident in your music with a master that can compete with your favourite artists'. Share your songs with your audience and know that they are getting the best possible version of you and your music.

Save time

Why spend hours, days, weeks or even months struggling to get to a mix you like? Hire me to take care of all the technical stuff and receive a master that's ready for final distribution in just a few days.

Reduce stress

Mixing and mastering is a highly technical process with complex problem-solving and tools required. I mix and master everyday and teach others how to do it - so let me navigate your complex audio projects more quickly and effectively, saving you the stress and effort required.

"It sounds perfect! Just the way we imagined it. I wanna thank you again for your work, always professional."
Goodnight Cassius


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